Crumpets, beer ... crumpetbeer!

Crumpets, beer ... crumpetbeer!

There's good news and there's bad news...

The good news:

Warburtons teams up with Toast Ale to bring you crumpet beer!

Warburtons have teamed up with UK brewer, Toast Ale, to launch a beer brewed using leftover crumpets. With an ABV of 4.2%, the session IPA is made by replacing some of the malted barley in the beer with crumpets, extracting starches and sugars and breaking them down into fermentable sugars. The launch comes as Warburtons looks for innovative ways to grant its leftover food waste a second life.

The collaboration at first is on a limited-edition basis, but dependant on consumer demand will be rolled out on a larger scale. “We’re thrilled to announce an innovative way of utilising our ‘wonky’ products whilst celebrating the nation’s love of crumpets in a whole new way,” said Darren Littler, head of product innovation at Warburtons.

The bad news:

Stocks have run dry.

Perhaps if we hadn't been so laggardly about sharing the news, we wouldn't be in this boat. In our defence, we've been moving to a new platform, which has somewhat inhibited activity in recent weeks.

The David Brent silver lining:

We still have some.

02 Apr 2020