Spookiliciousness Abounds!

Spookiliciousness Abounds!

The good people at Lakeland Bake (who do crumpets for Asda and Morrisons, as well as their own brand) have been knocking themselves out on the Halloween front. 

Alongside the ghoulies range, they have some ingeniously pigmented pumpkin crumpets.

Crumpetman's Spooktacular Creations

We rather exhausted our creative juices for our first Halloween back in 2017, so thought we'd wheel out some of our creations again. Don't have nightmares out there!

Haven't we seen this ghostly apparition somewhere before??

Mmmmm, toffee apple flavour! Recipes/HALLOWEEN Toffee apple crumpets

And ginger! Recipes/HALLOWEEN Ginger crumpets

Seriously, you try carving a crumpet!


20 Oct 2019