The world of crumpet fans just grows and grows!

50,000 Crumpet fans and counting!

The rain has arrived and our anoraks are out, for our latest Festival of Stats. 

Unique visitors

In an exciting landmark, we have passed 50,000 unique visitors*! To borrow from Elvis (and The Fall) 50,000 crumpet fans can't be wrong!

The growing world of crumpet fans

Since our last Statsfest back in October of last year, interest in Crumpetman has spread even further, with the country** count now standing at 137! We've seen a surge of interest from Central and South America (Belize, Cayman Islands, Dominica, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, Peru, Suriname, Uruguay) (you remember what we told you about ceviche having had its run; the good people of the area are clearly eager to find alternatives) and also welcome our first visitors from Jordan, Iraq and Qatar (who may or may not be planning crumpet stalls at the world cup in 2022). We also found out that Eswatini is the local name for Swaziland!

The list in full


* This is an aggregation of unique visitors on each day since we launched a little over two years ago. Some of these visitors might have visited on more than one day, so the all-time total is slightly exaggerated - but you surely couldn't begrudge us this (and we have no other ways of measuring it).

** We know that a handful of the territories on the list are not technically countries, but this is how the location of visitors is categorised by our website tool.

09 Sep 2019